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Tel Aviv Stock Exchange : TASE’s 7th Global Entrepreneurship Week Kicks Off at TASE with

Global Entrepreneurship Network is growing rapidly. Since its establishment 15 years ago, it has been deployed in 200 countries, covering close to 10 million men and women every year.

Global Entrepreneurship Network operates in entrepreneurial communities, with entrepreneurs, ecosystem builders, consultants and investors around the world. Its flagship activity, Global Entrepreneurship Week, has assimilated into the local ecosystem, growing stronger each year. GEW aims to raise awareness of the beneficial power of entrepreneurship, and its ability to bring about change. In Israel, we place emphasis on activities in the social periphery, especially in assisting minority entrepreneurs and women entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurship Week activities take place across the country.

Entrepreneurship Week is evolving, with new partnerships across cultures and borders. For the past seven years, Entrepreneurship Week has opened the trade (Bell Ceremony) at the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange. Over the past 5 years Entrepreneurship Week has been held with the support of the United States Embassy in Israel, adopted by dozens of organizations that either hold activities of their own or participate in the diverse activities of Entrepreneurship Week. In the two years prior to COVID-19, the Ministry of Education held its annual innovation event during Entrepreneurship Week, and for the past two years, the IDF has held its Innovation Award ceremony at the same time.

The opening Event of Entrepreneurship Week On the first day of Entrepreneurship Week, November 13th, starting at 8:30, we will launch the week on the trading floor of the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange with the participation of local and international representatives: Mr. Thomas R. Nides, US Ambassador to Israel; Ms. Ayla Matalon, Ecosystem Builder, Investor, GEN chair; Dr. Tomohiro Takei, Entrepreneur and Investor, Makoto and Makoto Capital (Spurcle) ;Ms. Nora Nseir Manassa, Co Founder & CTO, Nurami Medical; Mr. Armando Viteri, CEO Neubloc, Silicon Valley Entrepreneur and Investor; and two high school students representing two entrepreneurship programs: Ms. Daria Leshem, JA YE Israel; Mr. Emil Ziada, Apple Seeds Association; and Ms. Sarit Berman, of the TASE Economic Department.


Ayla Matalon, Chairman, Global Entrepreneurship Network Israel: “Global Entrepreneurship Network is here to help dreamers fulfill their dreams. We are here also for people who had no idea they could become part of the entrepreneurial community.Today we heard the stories of doers from 4 countries, sharing their spirit of entrepreneurship, the idea that there is no limit to the human imagination. In 2022 we are facing challenges across the border. Environmental destruction; climate changes; a financial crisis; and the turbulence hurting some of the leading democracies worldwide. These challenges require action, proactiveness in protecting our world, its present and future. And it is each and every one of us who can be part of this change: to join and support, to lead and enroll others, to repair. Entrepreneurship means optimism, ownership and self-determination. It goes across barriers and cultures. We are looking to the next generation of entrepreneurs to be part of making our world a better place.”

US Ambassador to Israel, Tom Nides: “The U.S. Embassy is proud to support Global Entrepreneurship Week Israel, which provides an excellent opportunity for entrepreneurs and innovators from Israel, the United States, the Middle East and around the world to exchange knowledge and share experience. These exchanges boost social and cultural entrepreneurship, and connect business entrepreneurs in the periphery, minority groups, and students to build sustainable relationships between entrepreneurs from the many communities in Israel. The full participation of all communities, women, and young people in Israel’s economic prosperity is something the U.S. Embassy strives to promote.”

Sarit Berman, Economist at TASE’s Economics Department, said: “As the link between companies, the State and the public, TASE is the most natural venue for the development and growth of Israeli high-tech companies. Through TASE, the Israeli public can play an active role in financing Israeli high-tech, which allows it to benefit from the fruits of success of Israel’s unparalleled innovation and entrepreneurship and help drive the Israeli economy forward. This year, the Entrepreneurship Week highlights technological solutions for global challenges. During the pandemic we all learned the major role of technology is in our lives. While businesses worldwide were hit by the pandemic and we retreated into our homes, high-tech stepped up with innovative technological solutions that helped us through the crisis. But above all, it made us realize that technology and innovation are the building blocks of the future and Israel’s most significant growth engine”.

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In the picture: Eli Liraz; MuliBenZvi; NoamBend; EmilZiada, Apple Seeds Association; ThomasR. Nides, US Ambassador to Israel; DariaLeshem, JA-YE Israel; NoraNseirManassa, Co-Founder & CTO, Nurami Medical; • ReemJasim, Intrapreneur, Entrepreneurship Researcher; AylaMatalon, Ecosystem Builder, Investor,; YatinThakur, Entrepreneurship; TomohiroTakei, Entrepreneur and Investor; ArmandoViteri, Entrepreneur & Investor, CEO neubloc and SaritBerman, Economist at TASE.

Credit-Boris Belemkon

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