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Oscar Mayer bologna masks sold out on Amazon but could be restocked


UPDATE: The Oscar Mayer bologna masks are sold out for now on Amazon but could be restocked. “Due to unexpected incredibly high demand, we are working to get the sheet masks back in stock over the coming days,” Kraft Heinz said in a statement to USA TODAY. The masks were also listed as Amazon’s “#1 new release”  in beauty and personal care Wednesday.

Ever turned a slice of bologna into a face mask with bites taken out of it for eyes and a mouth?

Oscar Mayer said it’s paying homage to the classic childhood tradition with a new skin care product inspired by the lunch meat.

The Kraft Heinz brand partnered with Seoul Mamas, a Korean beauty and skin care company, to create the face sheets, which are described as “a hydrating and restoring hydrogel that promote skin elasticity, improve hydration and moisture retention.”

The limited-edition masks that resemble bologna go on sale Wednesday at for $5 each and will be available while supplies last.

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“Oscar Mayer has a legacy bringing levity to things that have gotten too serious, and beauty is a ripe territory to playfully subvert,” Lindsey Ressler, a senior marketing analyst at the brand, said in a statement.

But these masks with Witch Hazel Botanical and seaweed-derived ingredients are not edible and come with a warning to “not eat” them because “that’s what bologna slices are for.”

“Our bologna has a nickname and it’s B-E-A-U-T-Y,” the Amazon product listing says, a throwback to the popular Oscar Mayer jingle, “My Baloney Has a First Name” from the 1970s, which spells out O-S-C-A-R. “No, this sheet mask is not real bologna. Put it on your face, not your sandwich.”

The mask packaging looks similar to a pack of Oscar Mayer bologna complete with the Wienermobile, which was added to packages last year as part of the “Keep It Oscar” rebranding and transformation campaign.

According to the directions, after cleansing your face, apply the mask and relax for 10 to 20 minutes. The mask should then be removed.

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