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How about them… junior livestock shows

Just watched the Cowboys lose a close one. I won’t offer any “could haves or should haves” as excuses. Again, ‘maybe next year,’ will start our football conversations this year.

Food for thought. There is often a Cowboy representative on the local sports shows talking about the Cowboys’ team. He has been doing this for years. I think he does a good job. I see a possible problem with the branding of this show. On this show the team is often referred to as the Silver Star Nation. I thought the color of the star on their helmets  was blue. See a problem here? Some things are pretty obvious, or maybe not.  Nuff said.

Most recently there have been some great livestock shows in the local area. I am a true city boy so I know very little of such things. I do recognize and appreciate the commitment and hard work it takes to prepare and show their livestock animals. The critters are shown to the public in a big arena. The public at these shows are the professionals of the industry, so there is extra pressure placed upon the folks showing their animals.

The lessons learned through these activities will serve them in the years ahead. They have learned the skill of discipline. It takes discipline to get up and do what has to be done, when your friends are going to movies and sleeping in. It takes skills to keep accurate records of feed consumed and hours spent on their project. The one intangible item that will serve them later in life is facing their fears and overcoming them.  It is difficult to lead an animal into a ring where the animal might not want to enter. It is hard to face strangers and answer questions, knowing you are being judged on every word you say.

The skills learned during such times will help these youth process thoughts and speak with confidence on many subjects in years to come. A person who can express themselves in public, with just a modicum of confidence, will be far ahead of the general population. Congratulations to all the participants for your recent successes and successes to come. To all the individuals who did not come home with any hardware, congratulations to you also. You did what most of your classmates would never consider doing. You did what most of the population would never attempt. Keep working and showing your projects and know this. You may not have won at these shows, but you are learning how to be a winner in life and that will serve you better in the long run! Keep working hard and you will win that prize. You can do it and you will do it.

Please keep praying for rain.our earth is dry and parched!  Be Well, Gary K

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