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WPS and private plow companies want to make sure you stay safe on the roads

WAUSAU, Wis. (WSAW) – Organizations like plowing companies for Wisconsin Public Service are preparing for what Tuesday’s storm system might bring for the rest of the week.

“We’re making plans, that we’re updating our staffing plans. We’re checking inventory of the equipment and the materials and the vehicles that we might be needing,” says WPS Spokesperson Matt Cullen.

Private plowing company REVI design is making similar preparations.

“We’ll go pre-salt and we’ll salt first, just put that barrier between the ice and the parking lot. Mainly it’s just to get traction between the parking lot and our machinery, and for people to walk on,” says Vice President of REVI Design Mike Jost.

Revi design clears snow and ice for hospitals, factories, and businesses. Jost says it’s important to get ahead of a storm like this. “The biggest issue is if we get this ice below our snow, our equipment won’t move,” says Jost.

Homeowners should help keep themselves and their homes safe by clearing snow and ice from around the house where gases enter or leave. “It can damage the piping under a natural gas meter and that could cause a natural gas leak and create a hazardous situation,” Cullen says.

There are other dangers to allowing normal household gases to build up. Cullen adds, “When it comes to those appliance vents, the ice and snow buildup can actually block those vents and that can cause carbon monoxide indoors, again creating a hazardous situation inside your homes.”

For motorists who do have to leave the house, the best course of action is to go slow and give emergency vehicles plenty of room for the safety of all involved. Jost says to give some space on the roads and let the plow workers do their job. It helps everyone involved in the road-clearing process.

Another danger of ice storms is power outages caused by heavy snow and ice or falling branches. Cullen says people should not try removing them and wait for help from WPS.

To contact WPS for assistance or for additional information, call 1-800-450-7260.

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