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Trump’s Truth Social stock ends day more than 20% down: Live

Democratic senator slams Trump’s Bible grift: ‘The Bible does not need his endorsement’

The parent company of Donald Trump‘s Truth Social platform lost 20 per cent of its value during trading on the Nasdaq on Monday after a Securities & Exchange Commission filing showed the company had made a $58m loss in 2023.

Having only gone public last week, it has been a volatile ride for Trump Media & Technology Group which peaked at $79/share on Thursday before falling to $48.66 after the release of the latest financial statement.

Meanwhile, Mr Trump has been branded “feeble and confused” after he posted an angry Easter message lashing out at “PEOPLE I COMPLETELY & TOTALLY DESPISE”, including DOJ special counsel Jack Smith and Georgia attorney Fani Willis

It was a far cry from the message shared by President Joe Biden who wrote: “To all those gathering in churches and homes around the world today: Happy Easter. May God bless and keep you.”

The Biden campaign seized on Mr Trump’s message, branding him “feeble and confused” for “spewing an unhinged all-caps tirade attacking America and talking about himself”.

The former president also continues to be mocked over his latest grift selling Bibles for $60 with SNL’s cold open poking fun at the venture.


Analysis: Three reasons Joe Biden is improving in the polls – and one why his numbers are still low

Since the final quarter of 2023, President Joe Biden has seen brutal poll after brutal poll showing his numbers tanking. The reasons for his decline have been manifold: people continue to worry about his age; young Democratic voters are dissatisfied about his support for Israel; people still blame him for high inflation.

But Biden’s polling numbers seem to be improving to some degree. A CNBC All-America Economic Survey showed Biden about even with Donald Trump. A Quinnipiac University poll released last week also showed the race virtually unchanged from February but still too close to call. My colleague Andrew Feinberg reported last week that the president has cut into Trump’s lead in multiple swing states.

Trump still has numerous advantages, given that his supporters seem more enthusiastic. At the same time, Biden has started to gain some structural advantages. Here are three reasons why Biden is improving – and one reason why he still trails Trump.

Oliver O’Connell1 April 2024 22:00


BREAKING: Florida supreme court allows six-week abortion ban but says voters will decide issue in November

Abortion rights will be on the ballot in Florida this November, the state’s Supreme Court said in a highly anticipated ruling on Monday.

Just hours before the 1 April deadline, the panel of seven justices – all appointed by Governor Ron DeSantis – said that a proposed constitutional amendment to protect abortion should be put to voters this November.

At the same time, however, the judges overturned more than three decades of precedent to uphold ban on abortions after 15 weeks of pregnancy, which was signed into law by governor Ron DeSantis in 2022.

That will mean a more restrictive law signed last year, which bans nearly all abortions after six weeks, will now go into effect – until and unless voters choose to overturn it.

Ariana Baio and Io Dodds report:

Oliver O’Connell1 April 2024 21:46


Watch: What does the Bragg argument for clarification of gag order mean for Trump?

Oliver O’Connell1 April 2024 21:35


Meanwhile, Mr Trump’s opposition to the DA’s motion to clarify the gag order centres on the argument that it lacks merit because Mr Bragg has used the process to “further restrict President Trump’s constitutionally protected speech”.

Oliver O’Connell1 April 2024 21:28


Hush-money trial: Bragg files memo in support of request for judge to clarify terms of Trump gag order

Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg has filed a memo in support of his request from last week that Justice Juan Merchan clarify that the gag order imposed on Donald Trump ahead of his hush money trial includes family members of the Court, the DA, and all others mentioned in the order.

He also wants the judge to warn Mr Trump to cease and desist from attacks on those family members. The former president has been attacking the judge and his daughter on Truth Social over the past week.

Mr Bragg writes: “Family members of trial participants must be strictly off-limits. Defendant’s insistence to the contrary bespeaks a dangerous sense of entitlement to instigate fear and even physical harm to the loved ones of those he sees in the courtroom.”

Oliver O’Connell1 April 2024 21:21


Watch: Hope Hicks expected to testify at Trump hush-money trial

Oliver O’Connell1 April 2024 20:55


Georgia election interference: Meadows asks judge to hold hearing on Supremacy Clause

Former Trump White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows has asked Judge Scott McAfee to hold a hearing in the sprawling Fulton County election interference case concerning immunity under the Supremacy Clause, a new filing shows.

Mr Meadows argues the Supremacy Clause makes him immune to the Fulton election interference charges and wants to move his case to a federal court.

Here’s the background on Mr Meadows’s attempts to move his case:

Oliver O’Connell1 April 2024 20:48


Did Trump go to church on Easter Sunday?

In years past, pictures have quickly been put out of former President Donald Trump attending church.

Did Trump go to church on Easter Sunday?

‘I don’t know if the Democrats have really thought through this campaign and what they’re up against. This guy’s calling himself God,’ Chris Matthews says

Oliver O’Connell1 April 2024 20:30


Watch: Biden to visit Baltimore as clean up continues following bridge collapse

Biden to visit Baltimore as bridge clean up continues

Oliver O’Connell1 April 2024 20:00


‘The Bible does not need his endorsement’

The group selling the Bibles has said it paid to license Mr Trump’s name and image, allowing Mr Trump to make money off the sales. The former president has a long history of selling his name and image for various branded products.

Gustaf Kilander has the story:

Oliver O’Connell1 April 2024 19:30

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