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Spain – Four of ten companies report increase in job turnover levels: Randstad

14 November 2022

In the last twelve months, almost four out of ten companies in Spain (38.5%) have experienced increases in their turnover levels, while 6.5% state that they have observed decreases, according to a report by Randstad Spain.

The main conclusion is that turnover is not evolving in a homogeneous manner, rather it has large sectoral disparities with the hospitality sector seeing 63.7% of companies reporting a labour turnover increase.

On the other hand, less than 30% of companies in both the construction and information and communications sectors have seen turnover grow in the last year.

Among the reasons that cause the increase in turnover, the ‘greater number of job opportunities that exist in other companies for workers’ (77.2%) ranked at the top, followed by the ‘risks of working in a certain sector as a result of the pandemic by ERTEs (furlough scheme), forced closures, etc. (31%). To a lesser extent, there is the impossibility of meeting the demands of workers by employers, both wage demands (24.1%) and those focused on improving flexibility conditions such as teleworking (23.3%).

More than half of the companies (55%) have maintained approximately stable turnover levels over the last year. In this case, the main reason was the absence of changes in working conditions within the company, but also in those of the competition (34.1%). The good working environment of the company (28.4%), the lack of destabilising factors (27.5%) and the stability of the level of risk of working in the sector (26.3%) have also contributed to containing the increase of rotation.

Looking ahead, a quarter of the companies (25.1%) expect their turnover levels to grow in the immediate future, while only 8.7% expect decreases. Meanwhile, two thirds of the companies (66.2%) believe that their current turnover levels will remain relatively stable in the next 12 months.

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