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Sexual politics in the modern workplace in thriller Rules of the Game

Pick of the day: Rules Of The Game

9pm, BBC One

Partly inspired by the Harvey Weinstein sex abuse scandal, writer Ruth Fowler’s four-part thriller aims to explore sexual politics within the modern workplace, although it begins like rather too many other TV dramas with a police investigation. A dead body has been found in the foyer of a family-run sportswear company that is about to float on the stock market – and company boss Sam (Maxine Peake) is questioned about goings on at a workplace described by one employee as “neither happy nor healthy”. The timeline then jumps back to the day that new HR director Maya (Rakhee Thakrar) arrives on a mission to dismantle the firm’s old-fashioned lads’ culture.

The Secret Life Of Our Pets

8pm, ITV

The Secret Life of Our Pets (Photo: Altan Gocher/Getty)

This new series explores the relationships people have with their pets, starting with the science behind interspecies communications. Revealed is the unique ways animals have of expressing themselves, from the dog communicating with his owner using a system of buttons, to crafty parrots fooling Alexa into adding their favourite treats to the weekly shop. We also meet the rabbit helping an autistic child.

Sarah Beeny’s New Life In The Country

8pm, Channel 4

There are obviously going to be no arguments about bathroom hogging in the Beeney household as their new Somerset mansion is going to have five en-suite bathrooms (yes, five), one for Graham and Sarah, and one each for the four boys. When it comes to the tiling, Charlie and Raffey decide they want to do it themselves, so Sarah shows them her grouting skills – but things get more tricky when they try to shift a 400lb cast iron bathtub upstairs. Away from the build, the family learn about weaving rush seats and haymaking.

The Hunt For Bible John

9pm, BBC Two

In the concluding half of this true-crime documentary about a long-standing unsolved murder inquiry in Scotland, the discovery of a third victim in 1969 leaves Glasgow detectives convinced they are dealing with a serial killer. Journalist Magnus Linklater recalls covering the case and the interview he conducted with the third victim’s sister, whose testimony would provide the basis for the biggest manhunt the country had ever seen. The programme also examines how the new technology of photofit images was employed in this case.

Ben Fogle New Lives In The Wild

9pm, Channel 5

Ben Fogle (Photo: Mike Marsland/WireImage/Getty)

Fogle ventures to the Emerald Isle to visit Georg and Bettina, a couple from Austria and Germany who made the Irish wilderness their home nearly 40 years ago. He uncovers what drove them to leave their old lives in continental Europe behind, and learns how they saw life and beauty in the middle of a desolate bog. The couple has transformed an infertile, barren site into their very own nature retreat, building an off-grid home in the process.

Toast Of Tinseltown

10pm, BBC Two

Des Wigwam tries to address Steven Toast’s anger issues (Photo: Ben Meadows/BBC/Objective Fiction)

Russ Nightlife, Ray Sober, Dwight Difference… the names of the characters are some of the delights in Matt Berry and Arthur Matthews’ thespian comedy. Susan Wokoma joins the cast this week as a director’s assistant called Nina Arminian, as Toast (Berry) auditions for a new romcom starring an unidentified A-lister who wants to inspect Toast’s knees before he will meet in person. Don’t ask, just enjoy.

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