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‘I shamelessly cloned India’s top investors’: Solopreneur tests Mohnish Pabrai’s investing

The world of investing is often likened to a vast ocean, teeming with opportunities and pitfalls alike. In this ever-expanding landscape, the concept of copycat investing has emerged as a compelling strategy for those seeking to navigate the complexities of the market. But what exactly is copycat investing, and how can it be harnessed for success?

In a video that has gone viral on the internet, investor Shankar Nath shed light on this intriguing approach, invoking the ideas of veteran investor Mohnish Pabrai, who pioneered the notion of ‘shameless cloning’.

But what is shameless cloning? It is a term coined to describe the practice of emulating successful investors. The pioneer in this approach has been Pabrai, who unearthed a select group of “master cloners” who adeptly replicated successful strategies and found that they achieved notable success, leading him to the realization that mastering the art of emulating proven ideas confers a significant advantage.

Nath elucidated this concept further by drawing parallels to renowned figures like Warren Buffett, highlighting how they leveraged existing frameworks to achieve remarkable results.

“Investing luminaries like Mr. Buffett have demonstrated the power of shameless cloning,” the Nath remarked. “By adopting proven strategies and high-conviction ideas, investors can emulate success and build profitable portfolios.”

However, despite the abundance of information and expert opinions available, the Nath noted a glaring gap in the market – the lack of a cohesive system for implementing copycat investing effectively. “What we still don’t have is a system of putting it together, something that’s understandable, replicable, and, most importantly, profitable,” he emphasized.

How is it done?

The journey towards crafting a replicable framework for copycat investing began with a critical insight – the importance of trust and verification. In a landscape cluttered with noise and misinformation, discerning genuine insights from the cacophony of voices is paramount.

“I believe in the mantra of trust but verify,” the speaker asserted. “By leveraging publicly available data, such as shareholding patterns mandated by regulatory bodies like SEBI, investors can validate the authenticity of investment claims,” Nath explained.

Armed with verified data, the speaker embarked on a meticulous process of distilling insights from top investors’ portfolios. Leveraging tools like Trendline and Google Finance, he identified key holdings and analyzed the percentage shareholding to gauge conviction levels.

“The percentage shareholding method emerged as a reliable metric for assessing investor conviction,” he explained. “By focusing on stocks with high levels of ownership, we could uncover promising opportunities for replication.”

With a curated list of potential candidates in hand, Nath navigated the complexities of portfolio construction and simulation. Through a rigorous process of entry and exit point analysis, they evaluated the performance of the shamelessly cloned portfolio over an eight-quarter period.


The results were striking – an annualized return of 41.4%, firmly establishing the shameless portfolio among the top echelons of equity mutual funds. “Shameless cloning may be less labour-intensive than traditional investing approaches, but its potential for generating alpha is undeniable,” he remarked.

However, amidst the success lies a nuanced reality. Nath cautioned against overlooking the intricacies of the process, highlighting potential areas of concern such as data accuracy, market delays, and the inherent risks associated with smaller companies.

“While shameless cloning offers compelling returns, it’s not without its challenges,” he pointed out. “Investors must remain vigilant and prepared for the possibility of underperformance in certain stocks.”

As the video concluded, the speaker reflected on the broader implications of shameless cloning and hinted at future explorations to refine the strategy further. “Shameless cloning works, but there’s always room for improvement,” he mused. “By embracing innovation and rigorous analysis, we can unlock even greater potential in the world of copycat investing.”

In an era defined by information overload and market volatility, copycat investing offers a beacon of hope for investors seeking clarity amidst the chaos. With the right tools, insights, and a dash of shameless ambition, the path to financial success may be closer than we think.

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