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Heavy buying, hits upper circuit today; Highest ever profits in Q4 and FY24, margins at 91

The company’s shares have delivered an impressive return of around 104 per cent in the past one year.

This micro-cap company operates engaged in activities such as corporate and personal finance, debt syndication, private placement, arranger distribution and marketing of financial products, and dealing and investment in the stock market. The company went public in 1988. The company was formed to undertake the business of financial services. PMC Fincorp Ltd was incorporated in 1985.

At the start of the day’s trading session, the stock opened at Rs 4.24 per share, compared to the previous day’s closing figure of Rs 3.99 per share on the BSE. The stock has reached the upper circuit price limit of 10 per share, reflecting strong demand in the market with no sellers willing to offer shares, resulting in potential buyers being unable to make purchases, leading to disappointment among buyers. Finally, the stock closed the day at Rs 4.38 per share on the BSE. The company’s current market capitalisation stands at Rs 234 crore, and the stock has generated an impressive return of around 104 per share in just 1 year. Today BSE witnessed a significant spurt in trading volumes by 5.35 times also the stock hit a 52-week high today.

As per Quarterly Results in Q4 FY24, the company reported a highest-ever quarterly revenue of Rs 5.80 crore compared to a revenue of Rs 2.51 crore, representing a gain of 131 per cent YoY. The company’s operating profit reached Rs 5.47 crore compared to a profit of Rs 0.81 crore in Q4 FY23. The operating margin stood at 94.47 per share. The net profit of the company was Rs 3.85 crore in Q4 FY24 compared to a net profit of Rs 0.44 crore.

Turning your attention to the annual performance of the company, it reported a revenue of Rs 15 crore, compared to Rs 9 crore in FY23. The company reported an operating profit of Rs 14 crore representing margins of 91 per cent. The company’s profit was Rs 11 crore in FY24.

According to the company’s shareholding pattern, the promoters of the company hold 20.03 per share while the remaining 79.96 per share is held by the public or retail investors.

Investors must keep this micro-cap stock on their radar.

Disclaimer: The article is for informational purposes only and not investment advice.

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