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EQ Europe Launches a unique program for companies on how to succeed with social

Motivated and healthy employees are the key to business success. At the same time, a study shows that 81% of employees feel at risk of burnout (Mercer, Global Talent trend 2022).

STOCKHOLM, Nov. 30, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — EQ Europe has developed a unique program, where we in partnership with clients, map the road to achieve a human-centered culture by transforming company values into behavioral EQ competencies. It is about changing leader and employee behaviors aligned with values and strategies that promote well-being.

The road to success, with social sustainability (ESG) and DEI, spells emotional intelligence. EQ is grounded in rigorous research and through advances in neurophysiology, we have gained valuable insights into how our emotions work in the brain and in the body. Although IQ is a well-known concept, EQ has become a new dimension in understanding which behaviors lead to business success. These behaviours can be measured, developed, and evaluated.

Lars Hellberg, President and CEO Fortaco Group:

EQ competencies are business-critical to delivering premium value every day. We contacted EQ Europe in mid-2020 to understand how emotional intelligence among our leaders could help us to ensure people sustainability. 

After successful workshops and individual coaching with our managers for 12 months, the results were very convincing and the changes in well-being and performance noticeable and visual.

Welcome to join our open seminar “How companies can succeed with social sustainability (ESG) and DEI” on 14 December at 12.00 – 12.30 CET. To register, email CEO Jenny Westergård at [email protected]

*DEI = Diversity, equtiy, and inclusion

*ESG = Environmental, social, and governance

The following files are available for download:


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