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Bucking trends ailing other edtech companies, upGrad-backed Harappa launches in the US with

NEW DELHI, Dec. 5, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Driven by the confidence of their growing enterprise business in India, with more than 250,000 learners across 200+ companies, and a fast-expanding program suite across managerial, leadership and diversity skilling, upGrad-backed Harappa has now set its sights on the world’s largest and most competitive learning market, the United States of America.

Harappa Education currently operates as a 100% subsidiary of upGrad – Asia’s largest higher edtech and integrated lifelong learning tech company which has impacted more than 8.2 million registered learners across 100+ countries.

The US corporate learning market is pegged at $150 billion, compared to the $5 billion market for industry-led learning in India – and this move is an audacious step that furthers the movement of Indian companies, building to global standards, for the world.

Aimed at solving the most pressing problems in the American workplace today, Harappa’s programs are targeted at the spectrum of the managerial cadre. Designed using Harappa’s high-impact blended learning approach and pedagogy, LEAP (for aspiring women managers), RISE (for seasoned women managers), GROW (for first-time managers) and SOAR (for mid-level managers) tackle the three biggest challenges facing all US workplaces today — attraction, retention, and building high-performance talent pools for the future.

In the next three years, Harappa will create 55,000 resilient and future-ready managers in the US, through these immersive leadership journeys that include learning, application, experience and coaching, among other tracks.

“According to reports, 82% Americans are likely to quit their jobs because of a bad manager, while 44% managers feel they are unprepared for their jobs,” said Pramath Raj Sinha and Shreyasi Singh, Founders of Harappa.

“These numbers, along with the opportunity for greater representation of women in leadership roles, point to an alarming crisis looming all over the US—one that needs to be addressed now. Given Harappa’s track record of consistent excellence in delivery, passionate learner support and strong investment in client satisfaction, we are confident we will deliver a transformative experience to our US clients and help them build a robust pool of managers for the future,” they added.

“Job-linked upskilling is the future of lifelong learning for working professionals at every stage. At Harappa, we have built this expertise over decades of rich experience. Our programs, with their sharp blend of skills will make the right connect across the US,” added Ronnie Screwvala, Co-founder & Chairperson, upGrad.

Harappa has partnered with California-based Enliven Advisory, a leading financial advisory firm in the US, with a stellar track record in the workforce tech space for more than two decades.

“We’re energized to see how Harappa is reimagining and revolutionizing leadership development with Thrive Programs. Their unique ability to deliver engaging, impactful, blended learning pathways at scale is a game changer for organizations,” says Gary Milrood, Co-Founder, Enliven Advisory, who has put together a team of seasoned and accomplished professionals who have worked within America’s largest companies, and top universities to lead Harappa’s outreach in the US.

About Harappa

With 700,000+ learners and 200+ enterprise clients in its roster, Harappa’s courses and programs drive transformative career success using Thrive Skills—an essential set of cognitive, social, and behavioral skills to enable individuals to continuously succeed at every stage of their career. Harappa’s pedagogical approach is rooted in academic research, expert insights and behavioral science. To know more, visit

About upGrad

upGrad, started in 2015, is a pioneer in the online education revolution, focused on powering career success for a global workforce of more than 1.3 billion. It is one of the few integrated lifelong learning tech companies in the world, spanning the college learner to the working professional from the age group of 18-50 years and across undergrad courses, campus & job linked programs, as well as study abroad, short form executive programs, and degrees, masters and doctoral, with a learner base of 8.2 million across 100+ countries. It has over 300 University partners and a robust enterprise business with a client base of 1000 companies worldwide. upGrad’s Global Learning Engine rests on four pillars: (a) its large repository of original and owned content and IP, (b) its own best-in-class proprietary tech platform, (c) its high-touch human-led delivery service backed by coaches and mentors, and (d) an 85% course completion track record, backed by a further 80% career outcomes guaranteed performance. Already termed Asia’s higher edtech leader, it has offices in the UK, US, Middle East, India, Singapore & Vietnam, and a presence in several more countries.

SOURCE Harappa

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