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Americans say Biden not focused enough on inflation, economy

A majority of Americans believe the Biden administration has not focused enough on the economy and inflation, and 50 percent say the president’s first year in office has left them feeling “frustrated,” a new poll released on Sunday shows. 

Fifty-eight percent say the Biden White House has not put enough attention on the economy and 65 percent say that about the administration’s handling of inflation, according to a CBS News/YouGov. poll. 

It found that 35 percent think Biden has put the right amount of focus on the economy, and 28 percent say he’s put the right amount of focus on inflation.

Asked how the Biden presidency has made them feel, 50 percent of respondents say “frustrated,” 49 percent say “disappointed,” 40 percent say “nervous,” and 25 percent say “calm” and “satisfied.”

Coming up to the end of Biden’s first year in office on Thursday, the poll shows his approval rating remains mired in the 40s, falling from a high of 62 percent in March to 44 percent in November, where it is now. 

Biden approval rating.
President Biden’s approval rating fell from a high of 62 percent in March to 44 percent in November.

His approval rating after the first year in office is lower than his six predecessors, except for former President Donald Trump, who registered 37 percent in 2018.

Former President George W. Bush had the highest – 82 percent – in 2002.

But while 55 percent of Americans say they like how Biden handles himself personally, 62 percent disapprove of how he’s handling the economy and 70 percent say they dislike his handling of inflation. 

Joe Biden.
An overwhelming majority of respondents say the Biden presidency has made them feel “frustrated,” “disappointed,” or “nervous.”
Andrew Harnik/AP

Adding to their discontent is the fact that 39 percent of them say Biden and the Democrats are focusing on issues they “don’t care about.”

Those who disapprove of Biden were asked what would improve their opinion of him – 63 percent say if Biden gets inflation under control and 24 percent say if his Build Back Better spending plan passes.

But 76 percent say passing Build Back Better wouldn’t change their view of him and 37 percent say controlling inflation would not change their opinion of him.

A majority of people polled disapprove of President Biden’s handling of the economy and inflation.

Of those who disapprove of Biden’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic, 69 percent cite confusing information, 61 percent blame the president for promoting vaccine mandates, 47 percent say he was unprepared for the Omicron variant, and 43 percent say the number of cases aren’t falling enough. 

The poll surveyed 2,094 adults between Jan. 12-14.

It has a plus/minus 2.5 percentage points margin of error.

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